I am interested in three goals; Beautiful colors, pleasing composition, and images that tell a story.

I'm drawn to the unusual, ordinary and forgotten people or places. My subjects are usually people I know or have met.

I prefer watercolor because it brings its own life force; I love how it moves on its own. It is this inherent mystery  that has kept me fascinated.

I choose positive imagery with a hint of humor, surrealism and realism.   -- Robert Fleisher


  • 101 Exhibit, Birds of America, L.A.,Ca. 2017
  • 101 Exhibit/Art Basel, Miami, FL, 2011
  • 101 Exhibit Gallery, Miami, FL, 2010
  • 101 Exhibit/Art Basel, Miami, FL, 2009
  • Habatat­ Shaw Gallery, Pontiac, Michigan, 1995
  • The Schaffer Gallery, Bloomfield, Michigan, 1992
  • Carnegie Hall, New York, NY, 1990
  • Cork Gallery, New York, NY, 1990
  • Rubiner Gallery, Bloomfield, Michigan, 1988
  • Exhibition Gallery New York, NY, 1988
  • Institute of Arts Flint, Michigan, 1980
  • Maxwell Gallery, San Francisco, CA, 1978
  • Sheldon Ross Gallery, Birmingham, Michigan, 1976
  • Galerie de Biocourt, Harbor Springs, Michigan, 1976
  • Paradigm Gallery, Birmingham, Michigan, 1976
  • Fisher Gallery, Detroit, Michigan, 1973


  • ArtPulse, 2010
  • ArtNews, 2010
  • American Art Collector, 2010
  • Miami Herald, 2010
  • New York Post, 1995
  • Detroit Free Press, 1995
  • New York Times, 1991


  • Watercolor
  • Oil
  • Wood
  • Music Composer, ASCAP


  • Born in Detroit
  • Basically Self-taught

Started drawing at 3, oils by 9, guitar after the Beatles, 11,  and watercolor at 16. 


Private Collections

Consist of people from many professional fields including arts, public service, show business, and music worlds including Wayne Newton, Mickey Rooney, Yoko Ono-Lennon, James Woods, Paul and Joanne Woodward Newman and James Lipton.

Art District Article

The April-­May 2010 issue of Art District featured article.

Contact Information

Email: fleisherstudios@yahoo.com