I am interested in three goals; Beautiful colors, pleasing composition, and images that tell a story.

I'm drawn to the unusual, ordinary and forgotten people or places. My subjects are usually people I know or have met.

I prefer watercolor because it brings its own life force; I love how it moves on its own. It is this inherent mystery  that has kept me fascinated.

I choose positive imagery with a hint of humor, surrealism and realism.   -- Robert Fleisher


  • 101 Exhibit, Birds of America, L.A.,Ca. 2017
  • 101 Exhibit/Art Basel, Miami, FL, 2011
  • 101 Exhibit Gallery, Miami, FL, 2010
  • 101 Exhibit/Art Basel, Miami, FL, 2009
  • Habatat­ Shaw Gallery, Pontiac, Michigan, 1995
  • The Schaffer Gallery, Bloomfield, Michigan, 1992
  • Carnegie Hall, New York, NY, 1990
  • Cork Gallery, New York, NY, 1990
  • Rubiner Gallery, Bloomfield, Michigan, 1988
  • Exhibition Gallery New York, NY, 1988
  • Institute of Arts Flint, Michigan, 1980
  • Maxwell Gallery, San Francisco, CA, 1978
  • Sheldon Ross Gallery, Birmingham, Michigan, 1976
  • Galerie de Biocourt, Harbor Springs, Michigan, 1976
  • Paradigm Gallery, Birmingham, Michigan, 1976
  • Fisher Gallery, Detroit, Michigan, 1973


  • ArtPulse, 2010
  • ArtNews, 2010
  • American Art Collector, 2010
  • Miami Herald, 2010
  • New York Post, 1995
  • Detroit Free Press, 1995
  • New York Times, 1991


  • Watercolor
  • Oil
  • Wood
  • Music Composer, ASCAP


  • Born in Detroit
  • Basically Self-taught



Private Collections

Consist of people from many professional fields including arts, public service, show business, and music worlds including Wayne Newton, Mickey Rooney, Yoko Ono-Lennon, James Woods, Paul and Joanne Woodward Newman and James Lipton.

Art District Article

The April-­May 2010 issue of Art District featured article.

Contact Information

Email: fleisherstudios@yahoo.com